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Florence Richardson Wyckoff

The information mentioned above is in tribute to Florence Richardson Wyckoff whose great passion for historical preservation and the redwoods (among her many other contributions) has made a great and lasting impression on our hearts and our community. Florence's wonderful philanthropic history is available on line at

A memorial service in celebration of Florence's life (October 5, 1905-September 20, 2000) was held in Watsonville, Ca. on October 5, 2000. The custom of announcing a death by tolling the church bell is a very old one. Anyone within earshot would listen for twice three strokes for a woman and thrice-three strokes for a man, followed by a steady tolling of the years of the person's age. On October 5th, before the service, three strokes twice were rang; and, as Florence was in her 95th year at the time of her death, the bell was rung that number of steady strokes on the great bell at All Saints Episcopal Church.

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