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Mementos I

Corralitos Circa 1915.
The schoolhouse on Aldridge Lane above man's head

James A Wood and Leora Wood Hazen at Corralitos Creek near Varni Road bridge circa 1926.

Corralitos Creek at Brown's Valley Road bridge.

Frank Bardin at Aldridge Lane residence

Frank and Irene (Christensen) Bardin at the Bradshaw home with Thunder.

Warren Russell, Albert "Bud" Bradshaw and Wink Wilson circa 1908 (l. to r.).
Photo taken in front of the Corralitos Cash Store.

Water wheel in (Merk) pond built by Chinese laborers

Saxton Pope and Diana Archery Club with Mr. and Mrs. Seale circa 1955.

Corralitos Road

Peter and Effie Christensen residence once located at 60 Aldridge Lane. Parents of Irene Bardin Work.

The Corralitos Grange Hall and Brodin Lane development circa 1969.

Everett Bradley and friends 1974

Corralitos waterworks with Leland and Janet George, Easter Sunday, 1947. ( Bradshaw family)

Corralitos (waterworks) Filtration Plant circa 1965

Otto Olsen, official Corralitos flag raiser

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