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Mementos III

Corralitos Grangers in San Francisco.
L to R - unknown, Mrs. Maitoza, John Rippy, Nell Zook, unknown, Ida French, Mildred and Russell Spain

Corralitos Cub Scouts, late 1950s

Gloria Tryon (Hanrahan) with Jensen shed in background.
Shed was used to store apple boxes between picking seasons.
It was located across the road from 494 Corralitos Road, George and Mildred Cikuth's residence at the time of photo.

Earl Jensen 1977. (Named on rock monument plaque at entrance to Cultural Center) (Article in Watsonville newspaper 1977)

Everett Bradley and team 1995 (Article in Watsonville newspaper June 10,1995)

Corralitos School eighth graders 1925.
L to R Inez Weedon, Hector Ceschi, Pearl Phillips, James Algeo, Betty Munson, Loren Harrison,
Ellis Phillips, Antonio Zolezzi, Florence Bowen, and seventh grader George Dusio.

Irene Christensen (Bardin) Work and friends

1940 dedication of Corralitos store when Jim and Barbara Prendergast were proprietors

Dave Peterson 1978 (President of the Corralitos Market and Sausage Company today)

The sausage makers Joe Cutler and Dave Peterson 1978

Jake Head and Agnes Powell 1978

Lupe and Jan Burgstrom, Jim Pruden and Irene Ceschi
April 1961 blood donation signup for local resident Wayne Evans

These photos provided by Don Shaw were taken at a 1960s Padres Lumberjack Breakfast.

Dolores Ford and Verna Pio selling plants in front of the Corralitos Woman's clubhouse during a Padres breakfast c1980s

First Corralitos Union School reunion held at the Community Center in 1991

Ruth Karstadt Smith at the first Corralitos school reunion with some former students

Second Corralitos Union School reunion held at the Grange Hall 1995

1941 8th grade

Elma G. Bradley and Oakley Dye in front of Aldridge Lane schoolhouse 1946

Graduation class 1933 with Elma G. Bradley

Roberta Brodin, Elma G. Bradley, and Clara Munson

Class photo with Elma G. Bradley

Blake Avenue 1935
(Often called Blake Road. Early maps say Blake Avenue.
One early map had Blake Road beginning at Hames and going to the corner, with Blake Avenue the section from the corner to Aldridge Lane)

In the 1950s there was oil drilling done on the hill above Blake Avenue.

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