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Dave Stogner, known since the 1950s as the West Coast King of Western Swing, and his wife, Viola, once lived in Corralitos on Hames Road. (Register-Pajaronian)

Only A Memory Away - The Dave and Vi Stogner Story
(A history of his music and their romance)
Written by Judy Malmin as told by Dave and Vi

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September 19, 1960

Captain Bud Finch, Asst. State Forest Ranger Vern Stoops, and Firefighter Phil Ayers at the Corralitos CDF station on Brown’s Valley Road. (Register-Pajaronian)


Mid 1950s at Corralitos School. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Seale and Ruth Rasmussen may be judging costumes

Early 1960s Skip Evans and Joe Cutler in front of the Corralitos Market

1969 Padres’ Lumberjack Breakfast with Bill Dove serving

c1943 Joyce Rippy holding ball, with school friends Ella and Stella Key, Mary Ellen Magnuson and unknown. Grange Hall is in the background

c1948 Saxon Pope archery group of 7th and 8th graders in front of the Seale’s garage. L to R Jim Frazier, John McCallie, Dale Cox, Jim Pio, Raymond Ausmus, Rollin Ball, Roy Bollinger, Tony Pope, Ralph Willis, Eric Larsen. (Refer to page 153 in book)

The Grange Hall after 1969 storm

Rider Road after 1986 storm

Creek clean-up south of Rider Road following 1986 storm (Register-Pajaronian)

1991 Ed and Maybelle Silva at their schoolhouse on Pleasant Valley Road (Register-Pajaronian)

1991 Inside the Pleasant Valley schoolhouse during voting in 1980 (Register-Pajaronian)

(Register-Pajaronian 1984)

Mr. Christensen and Lawrence Cusack

Vinita Bradley at her Blake Avenue home after 1969 windstorm (Register-Pajaronian)

Ken Wong, Dave Peterson, Ellen Cutler and Barbara Grazian clean up after April 18, 1990 earthquake (Register-Pajaronian)

In remembrance of Bob Learn 2005

Bob with friends after a Corralitos School Reunion


1992 History Day potluck at the Grange Hall


On June 14, 2005, our precious Eva Rippy Pybrum passed away gently in her sleep surrounded by family. Having spent over eighty years as a resident of Corralitos, she will be remembered especially for her kindness and her wonderful smile. To read more about Eva click here.
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