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During my earlier research of the Ohlone Indians in the Corralitos area little information was found. Of course, it was known that Ohlone Indian people once lived in this area. It has always been common to see an Indian artifact or two at various households. Usually, they are grinding stones and bowls that were often found near the creek. The Ollason family who once lived near the banks of the creek in Eureka Canyon had several artifacts found in the vicinity of their home.

The unwritten history through sites and signs of these people is being recorded anthropologically. Of the sites recorded in the Corralitos area, most are now on private property. The tribe that was once in Corralitos, Aptos, and Soquel is named Cajastaca, also known as San Antonio. The names of eleven persons of their village are recorded at the Santa Cruz Mission. They were baptized in the late 1790s.

The Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation today says, "Despite missionization, government changes, broken treaties, devastation to our culture, and loss of land, we have survived." It is my belief, as an historian, that we in Corralitos should do what we can to protect and respect the sites of these early people.

A CD on the Ohlone Indian people is available at local libraries. It is titled: First People of the Pajaro: The Pajaro Ohlone Indian Story. The CD traces their earliest way of life through their experience in the mission system to the present revival of their culture. (For Junior High-Adult)

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